Make your SSMS tabs more efficient


Like many of your I normally have loads of tabs open in SSMS to get all my work done.
Based on this article I want to show how to reduce the size of your tab by disabling most of the information which is already present somewhere else.

By default SSMS shows all kinds of information which you probably don’t need in your tab because the information is present somewhere else. Making the tab names smaller makes it possible to have more tabs open at the same time without the hassle of scrolling to the right one.

Your tab will probably look something like this before the change:


Who cares about the database server, the database name and the login who is connected if all the information is already in the task bar below in your screen.

Go to the options screen to adjust the settings for the tabs:

Tools -> Options


You’ll get the see following screen:


Go to the section “Tab Text” and set the following options to “False” to disable the information shown in the tab:

  • Include database name
  • Include login name
  • Include server name

Click the OK button and open a new tab. The result will look similar to this:




No more information than needed and you’ll be able to a lot more tabs on your screen than before.

I recently started using SQL Prompt from Red-Gate which I should’ve done a long time ago. The speed I have writing queries has at least doubled. I really love the coloring of the tabs to let me know if I’m connected to production, staging, test or development.¬†Cathrine Wilhemsen has an nice article how to use these features if you’re interested.

Hope this helps you out!