My SQL Server journey with Linux


Linux, where did it all begin

About a couple of years ago there was an April fools joke on about SQL Server coming to Linux. Now we know this isn’t a joke and SQL Server for Linux is a fact.

I started to explore Linux around 1998 on my AMD K6 266 Mhz pc. I bought Linux because back then I could download that entire distribution over a dial-up connection going 5Kb a second. If I would have downloaded that from the internet the phone bill would blow your mind.

My first Linux distro was Redhat Linux version 5.1 (Manhattan) and back then there was no nice GUI for the install so it took me a while to get things started. It wasn’t like I had loads of documentation on the internet back then so I did what I could using books and small pieces of information I found on the internet.

I didn’t have the luxury of owning multiple computers like some class mates had and I decided to do a dual install next to my Windows 98 installation (oh yeah I was really early to upgrade from Windows 95).

Nowadays I can download a Linux distro in a couple of minutes and within 30 minutes I have a virtual machine installed and ready to go.


Where do we start? Let’s first download a distribution that’s supported my Microsoft. I decided to download Ubuntu Server 16.4 because I don’t need all the fancy GUI stuff that’s in the Desktop version and don’t to have too much software I’m never going to use.

I installed the distribution in a VM and installed the open SSH server to be able to connect to my VM using Putty. I use Putty because I want to easily copy and paste and I don’t like to be connected to the console all the time.

Installing SQL Server

I can give you a complete overview what I did to install SQL Server but Microsoft already did that for you.

Installing SQL Server using the “Install SQL Server on Linux article from Microsoft is as boring as can be, which is a good thing. If you go through the setup from that page you’ll notice that it all works.


Microsoft did a really good job providing SQL Server for Linux because the installation was boring as as can be. I know of course that this is still the CTP and that most configurations were done for us but still this is a really good introduction of SQL Server to a complete different platform.

So if you haven’t already tried to install SQL Server on Linux go try it out because it’s a piece of cake.