Communicating Is Key


Before reading the rest of this article, ask yourself the question: Do I communicate in such a way that people from other levels of knowledge can understand me?
If you say yes, you are either the the god of communication or you don’t know that people just don’t understand you.
If you say no, you probably have a good understanding of your current communications skill and you have a way to go.

I can easily say that it’s a challenge for me in a lot of cases to communicate with people who have no, or little knowledge of the things I do.

The funny thing is that the people who work in the ICT business, what stands for Information and Communication Technology, often lack the ability to communicate to others in such a way that the less other people, who don’t work in the ICT business, understand what we’re talking about.

Think about the tone of your voice, the way you stand, the position you sit in a meeting, the clothes you’re wearing, the used vocabulary etc etc. We communicate in more ways than we think and sometimes, without knowing it, mean something different than what we express.

Even the text in an e-mail, which is the most common form of communication this day, is a tricky one. I found myself writing an e-mail to a customer or a manager and not sending it out right away, saved the draft and rewrite it 10 minutes later. Especially in cases where the subject is a dangerous one like somebody failed in doing his/here job.

Do you still think that you’re communication to other people is as good as it is?