Avoid Spaces In BIML


I recently started to learn more about BIML because it intrigues me. To learn more about BIML, I started a little project to extract information from a database for data warehouse purposes. I followed a tutorial to create a meta driven SSIS solution. Perfect!

The Problem

I got through the article and after some debugging (due to having way newer software) I was able to generate my packages. The sun was shining and I was pleased I got it to work until….

I got this error when checking the packages:


After going into the error I found out that it had something to with illegal characters:


Apparently SSIS doesn’t agree with my code. So opening the editor of the raw file connection, changing the access mode to “File name” showed me this:


There are spaces and tabs in front of the path! SSIS doesn’t work well with spaces and that’s one of the reasons why you should not use spaces in file names in the first place.

The Solution

It turns out the fault was in this piece of code:


Which should have been:


After changing the code the errors were gone.

I hope this helps you out and avoids you having to go through the same frustration I experienced.

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