Reflection On My First Webinar


reflectionAfter my first presentation about a few weeks ago I got the chance to present for the PASS PowerShell Virtual Chapter thanks to Aaron Nelson and Chrissy LeMaire. To help myself and other I’d like to do  reflection on my first virtual presentation.

During the weeks before the event Aaron or Chrisy would inform me about the amount of attendees that registered for the event. At first it didn’t go that fast but in the last few weeks before the amount of attendees grew to a staggering amount of 300! No pressure there 😉

I practiced like mad to get my presentation exactly as I wanted it. I read upon Cathrine Wilhemsen’s post, Presenting a webinar for the first time, to get some invaluable tips. Citrix also published a few tips that helped me out 10 Tips to Look Like a Rock Star in Your Next GoToMeeting Session.

A few days before the webinar I caught a cold and of course had to cough a lot. That’s not an ideal situation for giving a presentation especially when people don’t see you and only hear you.

Be prepared

  1. Download and install the software for the webinar
  2. Get comfortable the interface
  3. Try to create a webinar and test the different functions
  4. Start a webinar with a colleague or a friend to test your presentation.

Me getting prepared

I like to be prepared especially if people are counting on you. Aaron was so nice to login to the webinar with me an hour before the presentation. It turned out a good thing that we did that because some things worked a little different than expected.

I had already download Citrix’s GoToWebinar software to make it easy to login to the webinar.

On thing for instance was the fact that I have multiple screens. If you have multiple screen you have to use the drop-down which is located under “Start sharing my”.

gotowebinar sharing dropdown

This complicated a few things for me because I constantly had to switch between screens when doing the demos. In the end I got the hang of it and switching screens become smoothly.

Be sure not to put any screens, which aren’t selected in the drop-down box, over your current shared application. If that happens the GoToWebinar software will show a highlighted border around that application because the attendees will not be able to see your shared application.

What Did I Learn From This Presentation, And What Feedback Did I Receive

If you have experience in working remotely and having conference calls. It’s exactly like that but instead of people talking back, you’re the only one talking. The fact that you have no interaction with the attendees makes it hard to gauge the audience.
If you don’t have a lot of experience in having conference calls try tip 4 in the “Be Prepared” section.

I didn’t pause to ask the audience if there were any comments or questions. That could’ve made a difference that I could’ve adjusted some parts to make some parts easier to understand.

I paused at the wrong times in a phrase, which was caused mostly by the fact that I had to cough, but I noticed it in several other parts which made the delivery of the message not that efficient. This means I have to practice even more.

In the last presentation I did I went through the demos too fast. This time I took the time to explain several concepts in the code. I got a lot less questions about the code than the last time from which I may conclude, considering the bigger audience, took away a lot of questions.


In the end I’m glad I did the webinar and it thought me a great deal of things I can use in the future. The scariest part was starting and now that, that’s over I can focus on improving my skills.

I want to thank Aaron and Christy for all the help because it made me better focus on the presentation.

If anybody attended the presentation and has any feedback, please send it over. I appreciate any feedback how small it may be.

Up to the next one!

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