Recruiters, don’t get me started!


Have you ever been recruited by a recruiter or a recruitment agency for IT? Than you probably know how 90% of these agencies work.
You have crappy recruiters, normal recruiters, and good recruiters. The normal en good recruiters are rare.I will start explaining why I hate the crappy recruiters/recruitment agencies.

As most the people in the IT do I wanted a new challenge, updated my CV and uploaded it to a job website like Monsterboard.
Every recruitment agency gets a message when a CV pops up with certain keywords and suddenly my mailbox was filled with dozens of requests for me to call

In the first place, I don’t call you when you want to make money. You call me! I’ve seen cases where recruiters ask 25% of my yearly salary for placing me somewhere and I’ll make you work for your money.
Second of all don’t contact me if you found one keyword in my CV which is mentioned in the job description. Make time to read my CV and try to understand what is in it.
Third, if you call me and I’m unable to answer don’t try calling me every 5 to 10 minutes. Leave me a message and I will call you back as soon as possible. I’m probably in a meeting or something else has come up which is more important than answering a call!

I’ve had situations where recruiters ask me for exclusivity. They wanted to make sure I didn’t put some of them against eachother.
When you have a recruiter which asks this from you, ask them why you shouldn’t. If they answer agressively that this is the way they work hang up the phone. You’re dealing with a crappy recruiter. You don’t want to bet on a single horse and they should work their ass off for the amount of money they ask.

When you go to apply for a job you have the regular conversations. Tell something about yourself, how have you come to our company, why do you want to work in our company, why do you want to leave your current position? When everything goes well, and the recruiter did his/her work, they mostly of the time know your offer beforehand.
I hate this part because I don’t want to negotiate about my conditions and salary. You either want me for the money I’m worth or we go our seperate ways.

I had a situation where I got a job offer where my monthly salary was €500 below the salary I gave to the recruiter. What the recruiter did next was so atagonizing for me that I broke all contact with him.
He tried to persuate me to take the job for less but started to offer different bonuses which than make sure my salary would be higher. The thing with a bonus is, when you don’t get the bonus for some reason, either projects don’t rush in or a change in the company, you have a problem at the end of the month paying your bills.

Recruiters try to push you into a job with all they got because they live of it. They are the car dealers of the HR and put you away like a number.

What to do if you’re contacted by a recruiter:

  1. Let him/her send you the job description before you send you CV.
  2. Make sure the job description is a good fit
  3. Set your wishes what you want to see in the offer. Do you want to work based on bonuses, a car, refunds of travel expenses, maximum distance to get to work etc etc
  4. Don’t let them get exclusivity, let them work for their money
  5. Don’t let yourself get rushed into a job, sleep about the offer and than come back with the news

Offcourse I know that there are good recruiters and that they try do their work as good as they can. But unfortunately a lot of them are just in it for the money and they want to make as much as they can in a short period of time.

Unfortunately my history with recruiters has been a bad one and I hope this helps you a little by finding your dream job.

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