Discovery of my personal profile


Recently I came to the discovery of my personal profile in such detail that it shocked me.

insightMy employer wanted that our department should take a so called Insights Discovery Core skills training where everybody from the department would be part of.
The reason for this course is to create a better understanding of other people and yourslf.

Part of the course was to fill in a long list of questions which were statements which you have or don’t have.
Based on the answers a profile was made and i was suprised how much it was in common with what I know of myself.

On one hand I find it funny to read how somebody who doesn’t really know you can describe you in such detail that it’s you on paper.
On the other hand I don’t like the fact that I’m being put in a box.
Although I don’t like to be put in a box where somebody tells me what I am, my colleagues and wife thought some of the negative aspects in the profile were spot on and should be taken care of.

This was an eyeopener for me where I really discovered how other people saw me and based on the profile I could than try to tak these aspects into account.

A lot of the profile was based on models and was probbly created over years of research how people are and how they react on situations.
Still a lot of the aspects in the document were a bit over the top and should not be taken too serious. It’s still a profile based on questions and models and should not be definit truth.

It was a fun experience and I learned a lot about myself and my colleagues where I without this course should not have known what I know now and how to better myself.

Anybody who is interested can get more info on these websites:

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