Installation Automated for PSSQLLib


The last few weeks the amount of views on my blog exploded. Especially the page for the PSSQLLib PowerShell module has been visited many times. I looked at the installation procedure and found it a bit too long and it could probably be automated.

To make your life (and of course mine) easier I searched for a method to install the module without the hassle of downloading the files, creating directories, copying the files and executing the commands to import the module.

I went to my good friend Google and found a script used to import PsGet created by Mike Chaliy. It works by downloading the files for you, creates the directories and installs the module.

This made my life really easy and I adjusted the script to make sure all the files were downloaded.

You can now install the module by just executing the following command in a PowerShell window:

(new-object Net.WebClient).DownloadString("") | iex

You can of course do it the old fashioned way but this makes it a whole lot easier to install and use the module. The PSSQLLib page is also updated to include the new method.


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