My First Virtual Presentation


firstOn March 16 I will be presenting my first virtual session for PASS and I’m really excited!

The session is called “Documenting SQL Server with PowerShell”.

The abstract:

Documentation is mostly overlooked and only comes up when a problem arises. What if you’d have a tool or method to generate documentation for all your database servers? In this session, I will show you show how easy it is to use PowerShell to retrieve information from your servers. I’ll detail what can be used to document your servers, how to retrieve the information and what should be documented. In the end you no longer have an excuse not to document your servers.

If you’re interested you can register with the link below and I’ll see you on March 16th on the PowerShell Virtual Chapter.

Registration URL: Documenting SQL Server with PowerShell
Webinar ID: 153-105-707


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