Lorem Ipsum feature in Word 2007/2012


Every webdeveloper or programmer is familiar with the Lorem Ipsum text used to fill up pages or output text.

When I write documents I start with creating the chapters and fill them up with random text. The use of Lorem Ipsum generators makes this easier, but wouldn’t it be easier if there was a feature that did this for you instead of copying and pasting the text from generators?

It turns out that Word 2007 and Word 2012 have an undocumented feature for creating lorem ipsum text parts.

All you have to do is use the following code:


and hit the enter key

After hitting the enter key you’ll have the lorem ipsum text inserted:

The feature has some extending parameter which makes it easy to generate large amounts of lorem ipsum text.


You could do the following to create 5 paragraphs with 14 sentences:


I really like this feature and maybe you too.

DPM error Volume missing


Have you’ve ever had a Monday where you thought everything would be unicorns and rainbows? I thought I had one this week but unfortunately I got the following error message in DPM “Volume missing”.

My good mood buzz was gone and I was not amused. I’ve dealt with this kind of errors before and I know this can be a hell of a job to fix.

The steps to fix this issue is twofold. First you need to rescan the disks on the DPM server and second you need to rescan every disk in DPM.

1. Rescan the disks on server

Go to Start, click on run and type in “diskmgmt.msc”

Click in the top menu on “Action” and click “Rescan Disks”

Just wait and relax while you see the screen below. When the screen disappears the action is complete.

2. Rescan the disks in DPM

In the DPM Administrator Console click on the management tab.

Click on the tab “Disks” which will show you a screen similar to the one below.

Right-click on the first disk in the list and click on “Rescan”.

Just sit back and relax while the screen below appears.

When the screen disappears repeat the action for the next disk. Unfortunately Microsoft hasn’t thought of a bulk action to finish this task so if you have a lot of disks as it was the case in my situation, get a cup of coffee and start scanning disks for about an hour.

De details screens below shows the protected data sourcesĀ  which are present on the disk. You don’t have to rescan all the disks if you know which disk which holds the datasource which failed.

DPM 2010 Administrator Console MMC Will not open


Recently I’ve been given the task to watch the DPM backups for our customers.
During one of periodic checkups I wasn’t able to load the DPM 2010 Administrator Console. The screen was completely empty šŸ™

During on of the many searches somebody suggested to register a dll in the Registry by the following command:

regsvr32 msxml3.dll

No help here and the problem still existed. I had a lot of work to do and this was holding me back.
Google wasn’t my friend with this problem and after searching for about a hour I decided to give the problem a thorough look.

Let’s try to open the Administrator Console from an empty MMC.
Go to Start, Run and type mmc. Click “OK” or hit the Enter button.
Go to file and click “Add/Remove snap-in”.
Search for the snap-in called “Microsoft Data Protection Manager” and click the “Add” button. Click “OK”.
In this situation this didn’t work for me either.

The DPM Server is installed on Windows Server 2008. The Administrator Console saves a .mmc file in the %APPDATE% folder of the user.
This directory is called “MMC”. I found two MMC folder located here:

  • USERFOLDER\AppData\Local\Microsoft
  • USERFOLDER\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft

I deleted the folder “MMC” because there was nothing else in there than the Microsoft Data Protection Manager.

Just to be sure, I logged out of the server and logged back in. I was finally able to to start the Administrator Console, whoohoo.

Back to work !!

Visio stencil for SQL Server


This is out of date. Go to this post to get the latest version.

In my work I have to create loads of environment descriptions with SQL Server. Because I’m one of the lazy people who want to automate things I have created a stencil for Visio that contains the items I use the most for SQL Server.

It made my life a little easier.

If you have any comments on this feel free to post them.